Book of the Month

As part of the KBC mission to assist in spiritual growth we recommend reading resources to accompany regular Bible study.

  • April 2023

    Life can leave us confused, disappointed, cynical, and even bitter. This book seeks to help with that. Paul Miller uses the examples that the apostle Paul used in Scripture to lay out the J Curve: dying and rising with Jesus in everyday life. 

  • March 2023

    This book is about life after death for the believer. John MacArthur uses Scripture to teach what comes next in his book The Glory of Heaven. 

  • Feburary 2023

    Remember the lyrics "and the things of earth will grow strangely dim"? This book explains the flipside, and how the things of earth with grow strangely bright in the light of His Glory and Grace. 

  • october 2022

    Rico Tice explains the cost of evangelism in the world we live in. He is honest about the difficulties and struggles that people experience as they try to reach the lost. Rico calls upon years of real evangelical experience to write Honest Evangelism.

  • September 2022

    Unstuck is a book that helps the believer to create lasting change in their habits and attitude. Have you ever felt stuck in your ways and want to change? Author Time Lane will lay out a clear process to help you get Unstuck. 

  • August 2022

    John Scott's book dives in to the work of Christ on the cross. It is an incredible dialogue which covers theology and many real world issues. How should Christ's work on the cross affect our daily lives? Find our more by reading The Cross of Christ. 

  • July 2022

    Rod Dreher battles totalitarianism, and provides practical applications to protect the truth, and fight against lies in Live Not By Lies.

  • June 2022

    Ernie Reisinger helps Christians solidify belief in the whole counsel of the scriptures in The Law and the Gospel.

  • May 2022

    The Loveliest Place written by Dustin Benge is an exhortation for Christians to see the church in all its aspects and functions as beautiful.

  • April 2022

    Another book from Voddie Baucham to help us defend our faith.

  • March 2022

    Jesus warned his followers to count the cost. Stephen Lawson details what that cost is.

  • Feb 2022

    Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker address the hot topics of today from a biblical perspective.

  • January 2022

    Countering worldly attempts to change God's plan for males and females, Kevin DeYoung takes scripture to define roles in Men and Women in the Church.

  • December 2021

    Classic and contemporary writers share their insight into Jesus, the true reason for the season.

  • November 2021

    The message was strong but the vessel was weak. The life of John Knox is an encouragement for us all.

  • October 2021

    The extreme cultural shifts in America didn't happen due to a certain event, but because of a complex web of man-centered ideas over hundreds of years. Carl Trueman writes about it in this book.

  • August 2021

    Satire for the soul! The Babylon Bee published a humorous guide to Christian growth.

  • July 2021

    How can our faith be unwavering when life throws a high inside fastball while expecting something low and away? Jerry Bridges helps us know how.

  • june 2021

    Where should the church stand on social justice issues we face today? Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming Catastrophe by Voddie T. Bachaum Jr. helps us decide.

  • May 2021

    Fear? As a positive emotion? The Christian perspective requires fear and trembling to understand the God who is love and the author of hope. Michael Reeves helps embrace the Creator and Redeemer who is not safe.

  • Apr 2021

    Annual physicals are part of many peoples' lives. How about spiritual examinations? Donald Whitney gives us Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health as a way to determine adjustments to improve our spiritual life.

  • Mar 2021

    Death. Burial. Resurrection. Not only a concept, but the reality shown us by the Lord Jesus Christ. N. D. Wilson shares life experiences to encourage us to life.

  • Feb 2021

    Brian Borgman gives context to life through the spiritual lens described in scripture for Christians.

  • Jan 2021

    In these volatile times grace is needed while sharing the love of Christ and his gospel for all. This month’s Book of the Month will help. It’s Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions by Gregory Koukl.

  • Dec 2020

    Life doesn't go as planned, and the curveballs can buckle our knees. David Mathis helps us reflect on Jesus Christ, the unexpected gift from God, while going through life.

  • Nov 2020

    Dane C. Ortlund expounds on Christ’s self-description in Matthew 11.

  • March 2020

    The entirety of Colossians and Philemon are paired with a lightly dotted blank page opposite each page of Bible text and hand-lettered illustrations interspersed throughout—providing space to creatively engage with and reflect on the Word of God.

  • Feb 2020

    Ray Ortlund traces the biblical view of marriage—from the first marriage in the garden of Eden to the ultimate marriage in the book of Revelation—unveiling a vision of marriage that dignifies our own imperfect unions as a display of the gospel.

  • Jan 2020

    A timeless Christian classic touching on topics close to your mind and heart---joy, trust, perseverance, grace, and love---Charles Hadden Spurgeon's writings have affected countless lives. 

  • Dec 2019

    Dane Ortlund invites us to explore God’s resplendent beauty. Whether the nature of love, the preeminence of Scripture, or the glory of the natural world, the concept of beauty stood at the heart of Edwards’s theology and permeated his portrait of the Christian life.