Our History

The Work of God in Katy Bible Church

Katy Bible Church began in 1966 as a Bible study with members of various churches. Many of these people desired a church that was more missions-minded, and so Katy Community Church was chartered. In 1967, the church first met in a newly constructed building as its present location. In 1976, the church instituted a new charter and a new name as Katy Bible Church.

Our current Senior Pastor, Matt Mancini, was called in February of 2013 following the retirement of our former Senior Pastor, Ronald McDonnel. Ron had served in that role since 1977. Various other staff have served during that time period, including secretaries, associate pastors, and youth pastors.

Katy Bible Church has enjoyed a unique permanence in membership, with more than half of our members having been part of the congregation for over ten years, and many much longer than that. In fact, there are a number among our current membership who are charter members of the church, going all the way back to our founding.