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At Katy Bible Church, we're committed to faithful exposition of God's Word, the Bible.  We're an independent church, not a member of any denominational group.  Following the Biblical standard, our elders are responsible for overseeing the ministries of the church and shepherding the flock.

From our pulpit, you'll hear a verse by verse exposition of Scripture.  Because we regard all Scripture as inspired by God (2 Timothy 3:16-17), we don't skip over "difficult" passages or focus on our favorite topics.  Every book, every chapter, every verse is accepted as the inerrant Word of God, worthy of our careful study and reflection.

We're a church that's committed to sharing the Good News of God's grace and mercy wherever we have opportunity -- at home in Katy and around the world.  Our modest facilities are totally debt-free, allowing us to devote a higher percentage of our budget to the support of dozens of missionaries at home and abroad.  We currently support the work of more than thirty missionaries, including several sent out from our congregation.


We hope you'll come join us in worship and an exploration of the truth of God's Word.  Questions?  Please feel free to call us or drop us an e-mail.


Katy Bible Church   -   2500 Avenue D, PO Box 594  -  Katy, Texas  77492   -   281-391-7284